Frequently Asked Questions


What does GEWIS do?

GEWIS is the study association for all Mathematics and Computer Science students, likewise we want to provide a community that focuses on education, career orientation, personal development and fun activities!  
Examples of activities that we organize are the Round Table discussions where you can give feedback on your courses, lunch lectures by companies, a LaTeX training for beginners, a board game tournament and of course the weekly social drinks.

What are the benefits of being a GEWIS member?

There are lots of benefits of being a GEWIS member! You can get a discount on your books, participate in our activities (e.g., lunch lectures on every Tuesday with free lunch where a company explains what they do), come to borrels and much more!  
Furthermore, we try to help you in your studies. Our members are often willing to help you out with some questions, we offer tutoring for courses and we have a big archive of old exams and summaries!

How do I become a member of GEWIS?

You can become a GEWIS member by subscribing at After your subscription, you will receive a confirmation email and a membership number. Note that you can only become a member if you are studying at the department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the TU/e. After you've confirmed your registration, you can subscribe to activities.

How can I pay at the GEWIS room (het Dakterras)?

You can buy drinks and snacks from the bar with a SudoSOS account. You can create a SudoSOS account by going to or clicking on the SudoSOS button in the members menu. Here you will have to read and accept the terms and conditions. You now have your very own SudoSOS account, and will receive a confirmation email with your pin code. With your membership number and the SudoSOS pin code, you can buy drinks or snacks at the touchscreens behind the bar. Note that to create a SudoSOS account, you already need your membership number so make sure that you subscribe for GEWIS beforehand. During outside drinks you can pay with BAC coins, those you can buy during the drink itself.

I have questions about an activity, what should I do?

For questions about an activity, you can always contact the organizing party. They can often be found on the activitiy page and their email addresses are listed on the committees page. If you still have questions, for example related to subscribing for an activity, you can email

How do I subscribe to an activity?

To subscribe for a GEWIS activity, you first need to log in on the website. Then you go to activities, select the activity you want to go to and click on “subscribe”. Make sure to check the details for subscription and participation, sometimes there is a subscription deadline or there will be a draw due to a limited number of participants!

What is a first-year committee?

A first-year committee is an opportunity for first year students to get to know GEWIS! You can learn about committee functions (such as chairman, secretary and treasurer), organizing activities and budgeting. But most importantly, you get to learn a lot of people from the association and have a lot of fun.



Where can I pick up my books/laptop?

The retrieval of your laptop is coordinated by the department. Ideally you plan to pick up your laptop on the same day as your books. You can pick up your books in the Markthal in front of Metaforum. If for some reason you’re unable to pick up your books on the same day as your laptop, please contact

When should study and exam material be known and available?

This is decided in the Program and Examination Regulations, which you can find here . In general, this should be a minimum of one month before the examination. Due to corona, it might take a little longer for teachers to get approval from the examination committee, so please be flexible to the teachers!

Where can I find old exams and summaries?

Actually we have an entire archive of old exams and summaries indexed by course! Each summary is made by fellow GEWIS members. You shouldn't assume that there are no errors, but we hope they help you with studying more efficiently for courses.  
You can also upload your own summaries to the site by sending them to In return you get a small credit for drinks at the GEWIS bar.

How much time does a teacher have to check an exam?

An examiner has 15 working days from the day of the exam to grade it. Within this term the grades should be provided by the examiner to the administrative office. Sometimes seeing your grades online can take longer than the stated term due to high workloads at the administrative office. Please keep this in mind.

How do I know which courses I have to follow?

You can find more information about your curriculum here:

More information about individual courses can be found in the Course Catalog and in the OSIRIS PlanApp


How do I choose my electives?

Choosing your electives is an important part of your study program and can be an important part of your orientation within the field. More information on this can be found program specific:

Some useful tools in this process are the Course Catalog and the Osiris PlanApp.  
During your bachelor program it is necessary to request an evaluation of your chosen electives. You will be contacted about this in time.  
If you have any questions or difficulties with choosing your electives, you can always consult your study coach or an academic advisor. Furthermore, every year a Check Your Match day is organized by the university, where you can explore elective courses and USE learning trajectories. More information can be found here.


How do I request my propaedeutic certificate?

You're eligible for a propaedeutic certificate once you have completed 60 ECTs in the form of your first-year major courses and two electives. You can then request your propadeutic certificate in Osiris under Progress.

How do I know which books to order for my courses?

In Osiris you can search for the respective courses in the Course Catalogus. If you click on a course and open the section “Materials”, you can see the required and recommended study materials for the course. To get a discount on your book orders, you can use our partner Atheneum to order your books. Also keep in mind that it’s not always necessary to order books. If you can get your hands on an online version of the book and prefer to work with that, it’s up to you.

Do I have to apply myself for courses, projects and exams?

You have to apply for courses and projects (courses). Exam registration is not necessary for bachelor students. In Osiris you can click on “Registration” in the menu on the left. Click on “Course” and enter your course code or course name. Please make sure that you register for the correct course!

What is the deadline for course registration?

The registration deadlines for 2020-2021 are given below:

QuartileRegistration periodAdministration cost
115-06-2020 till 23-08-202024-08-2020 till 27-08-2020 (17.00h)
215-06-2020 till 11-10-202012-10-2020 till 16-10-2020 (17.00h)
315-11-2020 till 03-01-202105-01-2021 till 08-01-2021 (17.00h)
415-11-2020 till 21-03-202122-03-2021 till 26-03-2021 (17.00h)

(More info)  

If you haven’t registered within the regular registration period, you can still register for a few days with the administration fee regulation. This means that you have to pay 20 euros per course you register for. If by some chance you managed to miss both deadlines, it is recommended that you contact an academic advisor about your situation. Due to the strict rules regarding registration, we recommend that you register for courses in advance. As you can see in the table above, this is often possible many months prior to the deadline.  
Other important dates can be found in the Agenda of the Academic Year

Where do you file a complaint about a course?

To file a complaint about anything related to education, you can always send an email to An email sent to this address will be received by the Educational Officer of GEWIS and the Student Council. Together they will make an effort to consider your complaint and help you in the best possible way.  
In extreme cases you can send an email to the examination committee.

What do I need to do when I'm sick during an exam or midterm?

For a midterm or project deadline, you can first get into contact with the professor responsible for the course. If you are sick during a final examination, you need to contact the study advisor and/or examination committee within 24 hours after the start of your exam to be eligible for a resit. If you fail the following resit, you can contact the examination committee to request another attempt.

How do I find a graduation project?

Bachelor/Master Applied Mathematics

To find a graduation project for your Applied Mathematics bachelor/master, a first step could be to contact a coordinator form the section related to a field of your interest. Here you can find a mentor to guide you in the project. If you want to do your project within the university, he/she is able to help you choose an interesting topic of your liking, or you can provide your own. There is also the possibility to do your graduation project at a company. To hear more about interesting options you can always send an email to

Bachelor Computer Science

The graduation project of your bachelor Computer Science is structured differently from that of Mathematics. This so-called Software Engineering Project (SEP) is a group project done in groups of 8-12 students. A few weeks before the start of the project you are contacted and get the chance to form groups and choose a project from a selection.  
In general the requirements to participate in the project are following: A student

  1. has successfully completed all first-year courses
  2. has passed the courses 2IPC0 Programming Methods and 2IX20 Software Specification
  3. has completed 2IPS1 Alumni Coaching and Reflection
  4. has completed 135 credits or more of the student's BCS program six weeks prior to the start of 2IPE0.

These requirements can be found on OSIRIS when you search for the course Software Engineering Project (2IPE0). Because of the strict requirements it is recommended that you enroll for the course 2IPE0 a few months in advance!


Eindhoven University of Technology

If your question isn’t stated below, you might find this page with a collection of links helpful.

How do I print at the TU/e?

The TU/e provides all students with €15,- of print credit every year. To print at the university with this credit, you first need to connect your TU/e campus card to your account. A manual for this can be found here. You should now be able to print with these instructions. The next time you can use these instructions to print.  
Furthermore, for more elaborate printing you can also make use of the Repro shop at floor 1 of the Metaforum building. Here you can print posters, print on different papers and bind bundles. It's not possible to use your print credit for this and you have to pay by card.

I’m experiencing personal problems and would like some help.

If you are experiencing any personal problems there is always help. Here you can find a summary of many relevant help services available. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to someone from the GEWIS board.

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