Exceptional Members

Honorary members

GEWIS has some honorary members. These are people that have been chosen by the General Members Meeting because of their unique contribution to the association.


Harry Schot

Henk van Tilborg

Frans Goossens



Our contributors financially contribute to GEWIS on a yearly basis. The contributors of the year 2023-2024 are:


Anson van Rooij

Former GEWIS member (2005)

Rick Wouters

Active member (2016)

Daan Verkade

Secretary (2022-2023)


Thijs Timmerman

Former GEWIS Member (2004)

Robin van Dijke

Active Member (2021)

Gijs de Man

Treasurer (2021-2022)


Samuel Oosterholt

Treasurer (2022-2023)

Maiko Cheng

External Affairs Officer (2023-2024)

Jaime Giner Cabrera

GEWIS Member (2023)


Bas Jansdam

FSE Treasurer (2023-2024)

Stijn Schroijen

Active Member (2022)


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