Inschrijven Orde Commissie

  • May

    Dear members,

    Now that the new board has been elected yesterday, the planning for the inauguration borrel on the 5th of July can start. For this, we need a orde committee to make sure everything goes smoothly. The committee can not be big enough, the more the merrier! If you want to join this, please subscribe via the following google form:

    There will be a meeting at 12:45 on Friday the 22nd of June, where you can get more information. So if you do not have any experience yet, this is not a problem! If you cannot make it for some reason and still want to be part of the orde committee, please let me know so that necessary information can reach you.

    Kind regards,

    Wesley Brants, Hoofd Orde

    dinsdag 15 mei 2018 13:24
    zondag 1 juli 2018 13:24
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