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    D3.JS library to visualize business data

    As a travel industry software solutions supplier, we have experience with generating attractive commercial web pages. A need to visualize internal business data lead us to discover D3.JS. This library enables attractive visualizations of various data sources in a browser.

    Within our company this is a different technology than what we are used to - building pages for customers wanting to book a trip or holiday (with ASP.NET MVC, Angular and CanJS). In this presentation we show the results of our first experiments with this D3.JS library.

    This lunch lecture is interesting for students in both Computer Science and Mathematics, since we will dive into topics related to software engineering and data science.

    About NetMatch NetMatch is an innovative software specialist focusing on e-commerce in the travel industry. With almost 100 colleagues we provide high quality software solutions to European tour operators and online travel agencies. NetMatch’ clients are major travel companies such as Corendon, Zoover, and TUI Cruises.

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