GEWIS lied (Engels)

Rien de Böck heeft het GEWIS lied vertaald naar het Engels en dit op de 141e AV ten gehore gebracht. Dit lied wordt net als het origineel gezongen op de melodie van "Het kleine café aan de haven" van Vader Abraham.

The night guard is checking the rooms and the hallways,
The last prof has sent his regards,
And many a student is working like always,
The others are playing with cards,
The lifts just went out, no stairs make a sound,
A PhD prints out some files,
The TU seems deserted, but we hang around,
And a jolly song goes through the aisles,

Down in the south of the land, by the Dommel,
Every student will know, where it is,
Down in the south of the land, by the Dommel,
You’ll find at the end of floor 8 our GEWIS

Done doing many integro-differentials,
Or proving it’s a TSP,
You still need to calculate some exponentials,
So you look for a PC,
You run to 6th floor, but find a closed door,
with all PC’s locked behind,
Yet you keep calm, you still know a place,
where to find a refreshing pint,


Thursday four thirty the borrel begins,
Forget all about your next class,
The borrelcards quickly appear out of nowhere,
And everyone’s drunk off their ass,
Good evening dear Frans, please give us a chance,
we’ll carry on for some more time.
It is so gezellig, we have lots of fun,
So everyone here sings this rhyme,


Dit is niet het officiële GEWIS lied. Deze staat hier.