Lid worden van GEWIS

As a student of the M&CS department, you can become a GEWIS member for only €15. You will stay a member of the association for the duration of your studies and get access to lots of benefits like free coffee and tea. More concretely, GEWIS focuses on the following points:



  • Get discounts on books
  • Get access to exdam archives and course summaries
  • Use GEWIS as a contact point for improving the quality of education

Personal development


  • Join training to improve your hard and soft skills
  • Become member of committees to improve soft skills
  • Join study trips to develop yourself as a student



  • Orientate yourselves through lunch lectures and business cases
  • Finish your study through a thesis project at a company
  • Get access to company vanacies, internships and student jobs



  • Join a wide variety of activities
  • Go to the social drinks with fellow GEWIS members
  • Go to fun weekends organised by committees and fraternities


If you are interested in GEWIS, do not hesitate to become a member. You can join GEWIS today!