First Year Committees

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What is an FYC?

If you join a First Year Committee, you can get a taste of what it means to be an active GEWIS member! 
Together with your fellow FYC members, you can make your own identity within GEWIS by creating your own logo and getting your custom clothing. 
To get some inspiration; here are some logo's designed by previous FYCs! 


You will also get the opportunity to organize some very fun activities for GEWIS and you can even be a part of workgroups with other first year committee members which whom you will be organizing parties, parent days or even cantusses!  


Furthermore, each semester a scoring competition is held to see which first year committee is the very best of them all.  
Collect points with your committee by passing courses, attending activities and much more!

How first year committees are formed:

On the 20th of September, there is an information lunch  where you will get some more info about FYCs and previous FYC members will tell you a bit about their experiences. 
You can sign up for this lunch meeting here!

Later on in the quartile a second meeting, the formation meeting, will be held to form the first year committees. Not to worry though, it's also possible to join an FYC later in the year!

Last year's first year committees:

FYC 23-0 50/50
FYC 23-1  DeBugKing
FYC 23-2 De Klok Blok
FYC 23-3 Algora
FYC 23-4 Amplify


Obtain Points:

Organize an activity5 points
Passing all courses 3 points per member, with a maximum of 20 points
Participate in the Coffee & Tea Ranking

5 points for 1st place

4 points for 2nd

3 points for 3rd

2 points for the rest (minimum of 20 points)

Creating a logo for your FYC2 points
Get your FYC clothes (can be claimed by coming to the board in clothing)10 points for the first,   
7 points for the second,   
5 points for the third,   
3 points for the fourth 
Get an FYC specific attribute (like a flag, animal mascot, etc.)

5 points for the first

3 points for the rest

Update your GEWIS page (image and description)2 points for a complete page
Presence at GEWIS activities

2 point for 10%-60% members,

3 points for 60%+ members

Presence at Borrels in FYC clothing

2 point for 10%-60% members,

3 points for 60%+ members

Presence at trainings or workshops

2 point for 10%-60% members,

5 points for 60%+ members

Have a useful contribution at a “kringgesprek”1 point per useful contribution
Set up the Christmas Tree at GEWIS1 point per member, max 2 per FYC
Participate in "Christmas Sweater Friday"0.5 point per member, per Friday
Write an article for the Supremum about your FYC2 points for writing the article
Have the most followers on your FYC Instagram account1 point (can be claimed once per quartile)
Have an internal activity or drink with the board3 points per activity
Join a work group1 point per member, max 3 per FYC

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