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<h3>Passion for technology</h3> <p>Are we referring to craftsmanship? Of course. Are we talking about fun and involvement? Of course. But that passion is mainly expressed through our relentless pursuit to get the most out of IT and people. With our own passionate employees, 'doers' who live for technology. This is how we make the difference and achieve the desired result.</p><h3>Our view on IT</h3> <p>Sogeti believes that information technology helps: <ul> <li>making organizations more resilient and successful,</li> <li>make society simpler,</li> <li>provide solutions to environmental issues,</li> <li>to offer everyone equal opportunities.</li> </ul></p><h3>Making technology work</h3> <p>Sogeti is known for being knowledgeable and innovative. Technology is our passion. We therefore work closely with customers and partners to fully utilize the technological advantages and possibilities of today and tomorrow for your organization. With our customer-oriented services and result-oriented expertise. Sogeti has built up a good reputation in the field of testing. We continuously perform pioneering work with our Exploratory Institute for New Technology (VINT), which results in a high-profile symposium every year. We also know how to surprise the market with innovative solutions in the fields of: Business Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud solutions, High Tech, New Technology, Functional management, Architecture and Security.</p><h3>Driver innovation</h3> <p>Our passion for technology drives innovation. Based on our knowledge and craftsmanship, we challenge customers and each other to always look for the smartest IT solutions. We do not shy away from innovation (and associated risks) in our service development and project approach either. Sogeti dares to think further, take steps and take responsibility. This puts us at the forefront of Internet of Things and Cloud services.</p><h3>Passionate employees</h3> <p>People are needed to help organizations that offer their services in an automated manner. Sogetisten, the people who work at Sogeti, are women and men with passion, talent and professional knowledge who know how to translate customer demand from their expertise into concrete solutions. Safe, reliable and with an eye for the end user.</p>

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