2022-2023 Campus Internship - Digital Innovation (Master / Ph.D.) at Dow


Do you want to join Dow's digital innovation journey? We are seeking the brightest Master and Post-Master and/or a Ph.D. interested to complement their primary expertise with an Internship in Digital Science in one of its European sites Terneuzen (Netherlands) or Wiesbaden (Germany), other locations depending on availability.

You will be integrated in one of Dow’s key functions - Research and Development, Integrated Supply Chain, Operations (M&E), or Information Systems. You will work with a cross-functional team whose high-level goal is to accelerate the digital evolution of a global leader in the materials industry. You will bring your skills and experience to work with a group of domain experts to accelerate delivery of high priority projects. Goals of the project(s) could include delivering breakthrough sustainable chemistry innovations; advancing on a circular economy; producing better and safer materials; optimizing products and processes to reduce carbon footprint; optimizing planning, scheduling, and value chain to a greener chemistry; and other areas to help Dow reaching ambitious sustainability goals.

Interns will work with project teams to solve chemical-, material-, and industrial-related problems through both fundamental and applied research. The types of projects span sustainability and circularity, product and process research, application development, operations improvements, and supply chain optimization. The specific opportunities, including project type, geography, and timing, are variable.

See the link to the Dow website for more information.

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