General Data Science Vacancy at ASML



Transform big data into even bigger opportunities for performance improvement.

ASML machines and their metrology systems produce several terabytes of data every day. This data, when analyzed with an understanding of ASML systems, holds the opportunity for valuable performance improvement. Because datasets are almost always incomplete, it’s the job of our data scientists to develop new approaches to make the picture whole and provide practical insight.

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ASML Software Graduate Program

Do you know how to program? Have you recently graduated or will you graduate in the upcoming months? Do you want to know and learn what working as a software engineer in a professional company is like? The ASML Software Graduate Program is a fantastic opportunity to kick-start your software career. Join ASML as a graduate and your first job will be in one of the most advanced software environments in the world, preparing you for a bright future! You’ll join a class of 12 graduates to be trained in all aspects of the software development process. From requirements to delivery to the customer. Step by step you will be taken through the processes, templates and examples, to prepare you for your first project deliverable at ASML. Six and half weeks of full-time training, workshops and assignments. Next to this, you will be trained in Agile development methods, presentation techniques, cultural awareness, and personal effectiveness.

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