Traineeship Cloud at Sogeti


<p><strong>Do you want to be given the opportunity to (further) develop yourself as a Cloud expert? Then Sogeti's Traineeship Cloud is the right place for you! We offer a groundbreaking program. The highlight: a unique business course from Ohio University. This has been awarded a 'Program Excellence Award' by the 'Higher Education Association'. If you choose Sogeti, you choose personal growth and development. </strong></p><h3>Working at Sogeti</h3> <strong>Ohio University</strong><br><p>You start the traineeship with a trip to America. At Ohio University you will work on your soft skills for two weeks. You do this together with all the other new trainees, so you get to know a lot of colleagues right away. You work in groups on an assignment that you will present at the end of the two weeks. You will receive help from Sogeti colleagues and professors from Ohio University. In addition, there is of course also time to discover the campus and Ohio itself.<br> <br> When you return to the Netherlands, you will start with the substantive specialization course. You have already made a choice in advance whether you want to specialize in AWS from Amazon or Azure from Microsoft.</p> <strong>Azure track</strong><br><p>The Azure track is a learning path for the cloud engineer in which you will obtain at least three certificates. You will be assigned a coach and access to an online learning environment. It is a matter of just doing it: watching videos, applying, learning and taking the exam. On average, it takes six months. The certificates that you will in any case get are: AZ900 (Azure Fundamentals), AZ104 (Azure Administrator) and AZ400 (DevOps Solutions). But these are certainly not the only certificates you can get. Do you want to know more about Terraform, security or something else? Then you can do a training for that.</p> <strong>AWS track</strong><p>In the AWS track you will learn everything about the cloud and AWS. In addition to getting the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CCP) certificate, you will also be assigned a coach and you will have access to an online learning environment. You will work hands-on and absorb as much information as possible. If you have the first certificate, you can continue to specialize, for example, Cloud Solutions, Developer or SysOps Administrator.</p> <strong>First assignment</strong><p>Once you have completed the traineeship, you are ready for your first assignment as a young professional. You can influence what kind of assignment you are going to do and for which customer. Our customers include: PostNL, NS, Eneco and Sligro. You can also work internally at our own center of excellence. This consists of a team that also includes more experienced colleagues. You will then be involved in setting up, migrating, maintaining and monitoring cloud environments. In addition to your assignment, you can of course continue to follow training courses and courses. </p> <h3>Who are you?</h3> <p> ​&#10004;You have a completed HBO or WO diploma in ICT, Computer science or similar;<br><br>

​✔You are interested in Cloud, AWS or Azure; <br><br>

​✔You have gained relevant internship and/or work experience, for example at a technical service desk; <br><br>

​✔You have a good command of the Dutch language (at least C1 level);<br><br>

​✔ You like to have a goal in mind, share your opinion and like to think along with customers and colleagues. In addition, you enjoy working in a team and you can also work independently. </p>

<h3>This is what we offer you</h3> <p> ​&#10004;Salary 3490 euros including mobility allowance of 750 euros & holiday allowance;<br><br>

​✔The first 1.5 years every six months chance of a salary increase;<br><br>

​✔Immediate permanent contract; <br><br>

​✔26 vacation days, good pension scheme and a homework allowance; <br><br>

​✔Possibility to lease a fully electric or hybrid car; <br><br>

​✔ A unique business course from Ohio University in America with a recognized certificate; <br><br>

​✔ Follow a substantive Cloud training and unlimited training and / or education.</p>

<h3>You make technology work. Apply now!</h3><p>So do you dare to take on the challenge and do you want to help further expand the success of our Java community? Then apply immediately!

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