Roseman Labs is a fast-growing Dutch start-up that builds innovative privacy technology. We have developed a decentralized data analytics solution that enables organizations to analyze data across multiple parties without the need for these parties to share their underlying data.

This innovation removes barriers for use cases that were previously very difficult; for example, with our technology, health care providers can now study the effectiveness of treatment pathways across multiple organizations without trusting their data to a third party. Our technology enables our clients to achieve more while still satisfying strong ethical and privacy standards.

Our solution is built on a well-established cryptographic technique called secure multi-party computation (MPC). We have developed a high-performance implementation of MPC as the core of our software solution. Our cryptographic stack is modern C++, while the middleware is in Python and the front-end is in JavaScript. We are advised by Associate Prof. Berry Schoenmakers, who is also the inventor of the open source MPyC Python framework.

We are looking for enthusiastic engineers to help us with building our solution. We are currently a team of eleven people – four of us are PhD cryptographers, and six of us studied at the TU Eindhoven! Are you interested in working for a Dutch innovative company that is building a more privacy-respectful world? Let us know! We have positions for full-time employees, interns, and working students.

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