Vacatures bij Ortec Finance

Junior Technisch Consultant bij Ortec Finance


In verband met de groei van onze afdeling Real Estate Management zijn wij per direct op zoek naar een nieuwe collega die als Junior Technische Consultant een bijdrage wil leveren aan inrichten van onze applicaties op het gebruik bij onze klanten. Heb je affiniteit met financiële onderwerpen en ICT? En heb je interesse in de vastgoedmarkt? Lees dan snel verder!

Wat ga je doen?
Als Junior Consultant werk je in een enthousiast team. In dit team lever je een bijdrage aan de ondersteuning van onze consultants en onze klanten. Die ondersteuning betreft onze applicaties OrtaX, iTax en TMS waarmee jaarlijks meer dan 2 miljoen vastgoedobjecten worden gewaardeerd. De focus ligt hierbij op het afstemmen van de inrichting van de applicatie op het gebruik bij klanten, het ontwikkelen van (management) rapportages en het oplossen van koppelingsvraagstukken met diverse andere systemen. Verder lever je een bijdrage aan de doorontwikkeling van onze applicaties doordat je signalen uit de markt omzet in concrete voorstellen voor verbeteringen.
De nadruk zal de komende tijd liggen op de (door)ontwikkeling en het onderhoud van de applicaties TMS en OrtaX.
Specifieke taken en werkzaamheden zijn onder andere:

  • Het adviseren en ondersteunen van klanten (via de Helpdesk) en van onze consultants in het veld;
  • Het mede bedenken en opzetten van gestandaardiseerde oplossingen die het implementatietraject bij klanten zullen vereenvoudigen;
  • Het afstemmen en ontwikkelen van (management) rapportages;
  • Creatief zijn in het toepassen van functionaliteit door bestaande flexibiliteit te benutten;
  • Vertaalslagen maken van klantwensen naar nieuwe functionaliteit;
  • Samenwerken met de betrokken personen van de afdeling;
  • Een positieve bijdrage leveren aan de teamsfeer.

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Front-end Developer bij Ortec Finance


Sophie Beckeringh

+31 (0)10 – 700 50 00

Toon Vacature


Are you an ambitious front-end web developer who can offer a distinctive contribution in a complex software environment? Are you seeking a new challenge in realizing user-friendly web applications for the financial world? Please read on and see if you are ready to join our company.

The position
You make distinct contributions in the realization of new functionalities within our Java Enterprise web platform, used by our clients for the simulation of investment portfolios and financial advice to consumers. Your added value is at the front-end; you create a customer-friendly user interface. You will not be alone in this, as you daily and intensively work together with professional information analysts, developers and test analysts in a Scrum team of 5 persons. Besides the Scrum Team you will have frequent contact with the stakeholders. You know the meaning of software craftsmanship and put this into practice. You are familiar with the possibilities of JavaScript and follow, just like we do, related IT trends. You frequently share your insights with colleagues in knowledge and brainstorm sessions. There is also room to further expand your knowledge and expertise. That way you will contribute to the innovation of our products!

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Junior Software Developer bij Ortec Finance


Are you looking for an innovative and dynamic workplace with a lot of responsibilities and development opportunities for your skills? Then this position is what you are looking for!

What will you do as Software Developer?
You will contribute to the design and realization of new features for our applications. On a daily basis, you will intensively collaborate with professional information analysts, developers and test analysts in a (scrum) team of around 6 people. This team produces a new version of our application every 2 to 3 weeks, which our customers use for making sound financial decisions.
You want to learn about Software craftsmanship and how to transform this into good software. You are eager to develop a deeper understanding of a programming language and, like us, you follow relevant IT-trends. You regularly share your new insights with your colleagues in knowledge- and brainstorm sessions. All contributing to the innovation of our products!

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Quantitative Financial Analyst bij Ortec Finance


Quantitative Financial Analyst

Level: Junior/Medior
Per Direct
Location: Rotterdam/Amsterdam

The Scenario Team

We are a group of 12 quants within Ortec finance that is responsible for the innovation and maintenance of our quantitative financial models. The models are a cornerstone in the advisory services Ortec Finance provides to its clients and the serve as a crucial input in the financial decision making for applications such as ALM and risk management for pension funds, insurance companies, and asset managers all over the world.

Our main responsibilities include:

  • Innovating (extending or improving) and maintaining the financial and economic modelling, within the frameworks of our products;
  • Providing expert support to consultants and clients;
  • Updating our model-based outlook, interpreting the results, and explaining how they relate to current themes for clients and consultants. This requires having a good understanding of global financial markets and the economy, being aware of the current main trends, and having solid communication skills;
  • Programming, either for our own extensive software tooling (in Python), or contributing to model-related components of Ortec Finance’s software solutions for our clients (in C#);
  • Contributing to the academic research community by means of writing papers, visiting conferences, and supervising students.

The flagship model which is developed and maintained by the scenario team is the Ortec Finance Scenario set (OFS): the (stochastic) global forecast of economic and financial variables. The OFS forms the basis for all of Ortec Finance’s forward-looking applications, such as ALM, asset allocation optimization, and risk management. The OFS combines a number of models and expert judgement interventions in a delicate way to achieve a forecast that is top of its class. Next to the OFS, we offer a risk-neutral model used for valuation purposes, as well as house price models. The quality and scope of our models are reflected by our global client base.

Experience & skills

The wide range of tasks performed by the scenario team makes the work very appealing. We expect team members to display flexibility, a broad range of interests, and curiosity. The team rotates tasks regularly to optimally utilize the knowledge of each team member, to encourage active knowledge sharing, and involve the entire team with the full range of models that we offer.

A successful applicant demonstrates the following:

  • A clear affinity with finance is mandatory, as is a thorough quantitative education such as (financial) econometrics, mathematics or physics;
  • A solid knowledge of financial markets and economics;
  • Programming skills in Python, Matlab, Java or similar languages / packages;
  • Good communications skills in English, both written and orally, and active participation in a team;
  • Work experience or a PhD are certainly preferred, though not required.

What we offer?

  • A challenging and rewarding role in a growing company, while being part of an inspirational global business;
  • Great working environment and opportunities for personal and professional career development;
  • Be part of an industry-leading global team, renowned for excellence.

You will earn a competitive salary, depending on your job and competency profile. In addition we offer you excellent benefits, among which:

  • 8% holiday allowance;
  • a fixed 13th month;
  • participation in a bonus policy;
  • a contribution to the pension scheme;
  • 27 vacation days (on a full-time contract);
  • travel expenses compensation for your daily commute and business travel.