Internship OCA bij Oracle Labs



The Oracle Contributor Agreement (OCA) team at Oracle Labs has an opening for an internship to automate its integration with GitHub.

Oracle, a global provider of enterprise cloud computing, is empowering businesses of all sizes on their journey of digital transformation. Oracle Cloud provides leading-edge capabilities in software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service, and data as a service.

Oracle’s application suites, platforms, and infrastructure leverage both the latest technologies and emerging ones – including artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and Internet of Things – in ways that create business differentiation and advantage for customers. Continued technological advances are always on the horizon.

Oracle Labs
Oracle Labs is the advanced research and development arm of Oracle. We focus on the development of technologies that keep Oracle at the forefront of the computer industry. Oracle Labs researchers look for novel approaches and methodologies, often taking on projects with high risk or uncertainty, or that are difficult to tackle within a product- development organization. Oracle Labs research is focused on real-world outcomes: our researchers aim to develop technologies that will someday play a significant role in the evolution of technology and society. For example, chip multithreading and the Java programming language grew out of work done in Oracle Labs.

Internship Details
To contribute to an Oracle-sponsored open-source project, contributors need to sign the Oracle Contributor Agreement (OCA). One OCA is sufficient to cover all changes that they might contribute to any Oracle-sponsored open-source project. OCAs are submitted using DocuSign electronic signatures (or file upload) and reviewed by Oracle. Once approved, open-source projects maintainers (e.g on GitHub) can accept contributions from the participants (e.g merging their pull requests). The first goal of this project is to implement a GitHub app that:

  • Automatically checks whether an OCA has been signed by the author/committers, provides guidance on how to do that, and labels the PR accordingly.
  • Watches for changes made to OCAs in the app (e.g OCA revoked) and acts accordingly (e.g notify maintainers or close PRs).

GitHub actions are also another way of reacting to GitHub events such as when a contributor opens a PR or pushes changes, and they provide features not available in GitHub apps (e.g block merge on PRs). The second goal is to implement a GitHub action that provides similar features to the GitHub app (check OCA status, label PRs, etc..).

Required Skills
The successful candidate is expected to complete the internship using a wide and diverse set of skills.

  • Basic understanding of GitHub apps and actions
  • Experience with version control systems like GitHub
  • Experience with Typescript/NodeJS programming
  • Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills

Contact: For more information, please contact Alexandra Fritzen