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Sander van Eck

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The New Standard for the Insurance Back Office


Because we want to turn sad faces into happy ones!

The insurance industry is plagued by poor customer experience, inefficiency and legacy of outdated systems. These systems were once great solutions to complex actuarial problems, however, the emergence of Cloud has allowed for much more efficiency and alignment in several actuarial and administrative processes. What we see is that the industry does not react upon those new opportunities, which therefore causes unsatisfied customers, large costs and hundreds of employees doing the work that can be done by a couple. At Hi There, we decided to do something big about it by developing a fully digital back office running in the Cloud.


The main reason why the insurance industry has not acted on the emergence of the cloud is simple: Software engineers rarely have a background in insurance mathematics, while actuaries often lack IT knowledge.
We form a group of econometricians with a great passion for programming, and therefore founded Hi There in 2016. Consequently, a digital basic insurer was built, which was up-and-running one-and-a-half year later. This was not left unnoticed, as it was followed by a selection among the Microsoft ScaleUp batch in Microsoft’s virtual ScaleUp program in the Netherlands.

Hi There’s success has been driven by great team work, where each player has formed a key player. As we are not stopping now and will continue to seize opportunities to disrupt the insurance industry, we are looking for more key players to join the team and help us aim our goal. Therefore, we are recruiting!
Do you have a background, and more importantly, great interests in mathematics and programming and are eager to accept the challenges with us? Then, do not hesitate to look at our vacancies and contact us!


HiThere operates in the insurance- and pension industry and offers the following services:

  • Migration of existing portfolios to the administration
  • Virtual policy administration of any insurance policy without human intervention
  • Performance of all relevant actuarial calculations completely automatically
  • Optimization of balance sheets
  • Real-time individual insurance premium quote calculations
  • Automation of management of open and closed books to reap efficiency benefits
  • Align products with market demand by configuring and releasing new product offerings in real-time
  • Audit assurance using an automated audit trail supported out-of-the-box