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TLDR: Order lustrum-themed GEWIS clothing, because it looks great!!
Order via this link.

Dear GEWIS members,

As you might already know, last June 28th our beautiful association turned 39 years old. And this, of course, means that we have started our lustrum year!!! This will be a year which we will celebrate in many great ways during several amazing activities. But to make this year even more memorable, we will have a very special clothing line.
Having one of the items from this clothing line enables you to tell your grandkids later 'I was there', to give proof that all the amazing stories you tell them about this year must be true. It also can give our members the feeling of unity, as we hopefully are all wearing these awesome clothes during the year (and hopefully many years after).
But all small talk aside, you might be wondering which amazing clothes we have designed for you. These designs can be found at the website of the lustrum:
Furthermore, we do not want to offer you solely one color to choose from, as we want you to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Therefore we will have the T-shirts and hoodies available in either red, white, black or blue. The bathrobe is a more exclusive item, and we therefore will only offer this in the beautiful GEWIS red colors. All clothing is fairtrade and sustainably produced, ensuring high quality and a low impact on the environment.
At last, you might wonder what you will have to pay for these amazing pieces of clothing. The prices can be found below:

  • T-shirt: €15 - €20
  • Hoodie: ~€40
  • Bathrobe: ~€40

All in all, there are no reasons to be found not to order any of these great pieces of clothing. You can order them at this Google Forms!
Hopefully, we can all see you in these great new clothing pieces throughout our lustrum year.

Kind regards,

PS: If you fill in the order in Google Forms, you are obliged to pay. If you would like to change anything regarding your order or if you might want to abort your offer (why would you do that?) please send us an email at Also with any other questions, you can contact us there.

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