FYC19-0/3 Dropping

  • May

    FYC 19-0 Beercode & FYC 19-3 PushPin present: A Friday night dropping! Is there nothing you can do on your Friday night or do you want to avoid studying? Then this activity is the perfect activity for you. On Friday May 17th at 7 pm, we will leave GEWIS by bike to go to a pub in or around Eindhoven (still a secret) and from then on everything will get shady.

    This night is not suitable for the cowards among us. We will test your endurance and combativeness. Gather all your courage and join us and other courageous fellow fighters at this exciting dropping! (Taking alcohol with you is allowed, but misuse is for your own responsibility. Be aware that it is a public space.).

    Don't forget that you need a bike for this activity!

    vrijdag 17 mei 2019 20:00
    zaterdag 18 mei 2019 02:00
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